I love the intimate discoveries found in nature: the glint off a turtle’s shell, the stance of a singing bird or the glow of a butterfly’s wings. The world expands as I notice the small things around me.

Relief methods of printmaking are my focus. Images are made from hand carved printing plates (either wood or linoleum) and an etching press using environmentally safe inks. Each hand-pulled print is unique.

Many of my pieces are reduction prints created when multiple layers of ink are transferred from the same plate onto the same piece of paper. The first color is printed and the areas that will be that color in the final print are then carved away. Additional areas are removed after each color is printed.When the image is finished there generally isn’t much plate surface left. It is also called a suicide print because once an area is carved away, there is no going back! Hunch II, Charmed and Red-winged Blackbird are examples of reduction prints.

Another way I add color is by printing in black ink and then hand painting each image with watercolor. This method was used with Owl, Otter Reel and Bouquet.

I’m a printmaking instructor at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts and a member in the Southwest Michigan Printmakers.

Printmaking is a process, a puzzle and a passion!